BOSTIK Dampfix Gold | WPD Group

A Class 3, water-based polyurethane waterproofing membrane system

Bostik Dampfix Gold Grey is a one part, highly elastic, Class 3, water-based polyurethane waterproofing membrane system that meets the requirements of AS3740 by complying with AS/NZ 4858.

Bostik Dampfix Gold Grey waterproofing membrane system is specifically formulated for application on graded substrates that provide positive falls to drainage outlets. Overlaying tiling systems must comply with Guide to the Installation of Ceramic Tiles - AS3958.1

This is a 2-coat system applied over primed porous & non-porous substrates.  It is not recommended as a membrane system in immersed applications (such as pools or spas)

Where to Use

  • Under tile to internal wet area shower, bathroom, kitchen, laundry & toilet areas when installed to AS/NZ 3740
  • Under tile or other wearing surface systems to external balconies, rooftops & podium levels when installed to AS/NZ 4654.2. 
  • All applications to be covered by tile or other protective system.


  • Concrete
  • Cement rendered masonry
  • FC sheeting
  • Water resistant plasterboard
  • Structural plywood (Type A Stamped “PAA JAS-ANZ” to AS/NZS 2269-2004)


  • 4L
  • 15L


Bostik Dampfix Product Brochure

Bostik Dampfix Gold PDS

Bostik Dampfix Gold SDS