BOSTIK RTV 936 (Box of 15) | WPD Group

Bostik 936 is a one part non slump silicone sealant designed for sealing and bonding applications exposed to high temperatures.

Where to Use

  • Commercial
  • Heavy Commercial
  • Industrial


  • Industrial applications- bonding/sealing-stable at very high temperatures, up to 350⁰C
  • Industrial ovens and boilers
  • Domestic cookers and ovens
  • Flues on gas appliances
  • Smoke stacks
  • Moving oven belts


  • Sealing and encapsulating heating elements in appliances
  • Household electrical and industrial heating equipment
  • Pipe Flanges- High Temperature


  • 15 x 300gm Cartridges per box


Bostik 936 PDS

Bostik 936 SDS