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ARDEX WPM 801 is a fast drying, single-component, polyurea-modified, resin-based primer that penetrates and seals concrete, masonry, plywood and many other surfaces. ARDEX WPM 801 imparts a surface finish that is particularly receptive to urethane-based sealants and other high performance coatings such as ARDEX WPM 812 and ARDEX WPM 813.

  • Does not contain TDI, MOCA, bitumen or tar based compounds
  • Excellent adhesion to a wide range of surfaces
  • Suitable as a primer for sealants and coatings subjected to immersion in water
  • Water resistant, protects the substrate in the event of interruption by wet weather
  • Minimises outgassing effects of porous substrates


  • Light yellowish liquid


  • On concrete substrates application rate will typically be at 6-10m²/L per coat. More than one coat may be required depending upon porosity of the substrate.
  • For high density steel trowelled substrates, to increase substrate penetration, the primer may be diluted by the addition of up to 10% xylene solvent.


  • 18kg metal can

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