ARDEX WPM 117 15M Roll | WPD Group

*Must be installed by a certified installer*

ARDEX WPM 117 (Shelterstick Self-adhesive Membrane) is a self-adhesive bituminous membrane.

  • Absolute waterproofing resists high hydrostatic pressure
  • Because Ardex WPM 117 (Shelterstick Self-adhesive Membrane) is cold applied and installed without the use of naked flames, they offer a higher safety level on the job
  • Highly resistant to acids, alkalis or other pollutants
  • Self seals on contact if being installed using nails or other fasteners, or if cut accidentally

Typical Uses:
Ideal for general waterproofing, foundations, tunnels, etc. and especially when, due to the type of operation or materials, the use of torch/fire must be avoided (e.g. on isolation panels, wood paint etc.) For these applications, ARDEX WPM 117 can also become self-adhesive on the upper surface, simply by heating the protection film until soft, enabling the membrane to be used as an underlay for the application of traditional torch-on membranes.


  • SBS


  • Fibreglass


  • 2mm

Top surface:

  • Torch film

Bottom surface:

  • Self-adhesive

Heat stability:

  • 100°C

Cold flexibility:

  • -25°C


  • 1m x 15m (W x L)
  • 30kg

Rolls per pallet:

  • 28

Primer Options:

  • WPM 240 (except for polystyrene blocks)
  • WPM 300 (for polystyrene blocks)


Ardex WPM 117 PDS

Ardex WPM 117 SDS

Ardex Guide To Torch On Membranes

Ardex WPM 117 AS4654