ARDEX Floor Leveller Primer Sand

ARDEX Sand – 20kg bag is size graded and kiln dried to ensure consistent results when used with ARDEX products. Always read individual ARDEX product datasheets for  complete installation instructions.

ARDEX Sand is used with:


Used as a priming sand to ensure additional mechanical bond for the subsequent application of ARDEX levelling compounds. The sand is applied onto the wet WPM 300 at an application rate of 700g/m2. Upon drying the excess sand is vacuumed and may be retained for future use.


Sand is used as filler to economically extend the coverage of ARDEX A 45 in non-critical applications including large floor defects and deep ramps. Used up to a maximum ratio of 3 parts A 45 to 1 part sand by volume.

Please note that adding sand will change the characteristics of compounds. In some cases a second application of un-sanded ARDEX compound may be required to obtain a sufficiently smooth surface. Contact ARDEX Technical Services for advice or complete representative trial area to verify suitability.