ARDEX Arditex NA Kit | WPD Group

ARDITEX NA is formulated with excellent adhesion designed to work perfectly UNDER a damp proof membrane. Also used to pre-level existing timber floors prior to the installation of timber sheeting for a stable base for new floor coverings.


  • Feather edge to 12mm
  • Bulkfill 10-30mm with 2-5mm aggregate

Floor Coverings:

  • Linoleum, vinyl, carpet
  • Ceramic and quarry tiles
  • Floating timber


  • New and existing concrete
  • Damp or moisture vulnerable concrete
  • Ceramic and quarry tiled floors
  • Steel decks
  • Timber floors (contact ARDEX Technical Services)


  • Internal and external
  • Under damp proof membranes


  • 12m2 at 1mm
  • 4m2 at 3mm

Drying Times:

  • Walkable from 1-2 hours
  • Ready for most floor coverings from 12 hours


  • Kit containing 20kg triple layer bag and 4.8kg ARDITEX latex pail

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