The Many Non-Lawn Applications Of Astroturf Tiles And Their Benefits In The Workplace

August 30, 2022

Artificial turf tiles

Astroturf tiles are an ideal solution for your residential or commercial property when you’re looking to create an effortless indoor or outdoor recreational area. 

Artificial grass is often associated with sports fields and mini-golf, but it has become prolific in residential and commercial properties in recent years with the many benefits it affords. It can be a significant challenge to maintain a natural lawn, with water costs, time, and labour exceeding the resources of many home and business owners. Unfortunately, when you can’t properly maintain your lawn, it can become overgrown with weeds, or become extremely dry and unsightly. When your lawn is a high-traffic area, it needs proper care and regular maintenance to ensure it maintains its health, but again, this is something many people simply cannot commit to for extended periods of time. 

Thankfully, astroturf tiles from WPD Group offer an aesthetically pleasing, high-quality and low-maintenance alternative that performs well under a variety of conditions, whether it’s heavy rains or scorching sun, its quality prevails, allowing you to use it as much as you want without any inconveniences. 

So, if you’re interested in learning more about astroturf tiles and the difference they can make in your home or business, then visit WPD Group today and continue reading below! 

Astroturf Tiles In The Workplace Can Increase Productivity. 

In most cases, astroturf tiles are used for lawn purposes, but there are numerous non-lawn applications for artificial grass, especially in the workplace. Modern-day workplaces are increasingly conscious of the well-being of the workforce, putting measures in place to offer relaxation and mini brain breaks to boost morale and overall productivity. There’s no denying that when an employee feels looked after they will be more productive, and astroturf tiles are a great way to show your staff that you care! 

Creating a space where your staff can step out of their office environment is value-adding, so consider these options for your business: 

  1. Conference room putting. Business meetings don’t have to be serious and formal to produce great ideas. Instead, employees may have an easier time bouncing ideas off one another when there is less pressure in the room, so a putting strip could prove beneficial. 
  2. Rooftop exercise area. Employees who can relieve their stress and stretch their bodies during the day will be in a better state of mind and have more energy to perform their duties.
  3. Social space. Gathering with fellow employees is a crucial step in establishing unity in the workplace, so creating a social space with astroturf tiles, attractive furniture, a juice bar and coffee machines can encourage employees to connect. 
Whatever your astroturf tile ideas are, WPD Group can help bring them to life! Give us a call today to request a quote!

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