Protect Your Investment With Tapered Roof Insulation

August 26, 2022

Protect Your Investment With Tapered Roof Insulation

Tapered insulation affords a gradual slope to a roofing system to ensure efficient water drainage, thus reducing the likelihood of pooling water and damage. 

Stagnant water presents a nightmare for several reasons. Although this natural element is most often thought of as pure and fresh, it can cause significant damage when it’s not in motion. This is why you should never drink still-standing water and why rivers, lakes, and oceans are constantly moving. Pooling water on a flat roofing surface presents several challenges that can ultimately lead to costly damages and injury, which is why tapered insulation should be installed on your property. 

Although flat roofs should never be truly flat, there is a certain slope requirement to ensure proper water drainage. When the roof doesn’t meet this code, an innovative solution is to install tapered insulation. Thankfully, WPD Group can help mitigate the impact of pooling water on your flat roof systems, and improve their waterproofing for further durability and performance. 

So, if you need to protect your roof from possible water damage, then get in touch with WPD Group today to schedule a consultation!

Waterproofing Your Renovation Investment. 

As families grow and businesses expand, the need for more space becomes a pressing matter. Renovations begin, and you invest substantially to acquire a high-value build. But, part of ensuring your building extension lasts and offers a return on investment is installing all the necessary components, such as waterproofing systems. 

So, when your renovation build is designed with a flat roof system, it’s critical that you discuss waterproofing systems with your contractor, such as tapered insulation. 


Poor roof drainage, especially on trafficable roofs, can present dangerous territory to those who require access. Pooling water on buildings that require regular roof access for maintenance, for instance, can cause dangerous falls and slipping for contractors. In addition, stagnant water puts extra weight on the roofing system, which could lead to an unlevel surface area and a weakened structure overall, again presenting a risk to those accessing the roof. Lastly, still-standing water can cause an overgrowth of algae and bacteria and attract insects to your property which may result in pest control challenges. 

Fortunately, with the help of a professional roofing contractor, you can efficiently identify problem areas and assess the overall performance of your waterproofing system to prevent future water damage. 

Visit WPD Group today to learn more about tapered insulation, and contact us to request a quote!

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