Rubber Tiles Are An Investment Commercially and Residentially

January 09, 2023

Rubber Tiles Are An Investment Commercially and Residentially

Rubber tiles can be used in various commercial and residential buildings due to their benefits and superior makes. Continue reading to find out why you need to invest in these today.  

Actualised Cost-Savings 

The long-term financial benefits of rubber floor tiles make them especially feasible. Reflooring an entire room is a significant undertaking of any restoration job. Rubber floor tiles prevent you from experiencing mishaps because they are simple to fix, hard to harm, and simple to maintain. 

Aesthetically Designed 

These are a considerable solution if you need help finding a floor you like. Rubber floor tiles are available in various colours to match your unique style. You can therefore pick a rubber floor tile that matches the colour of your walls. 

Sustainable Flooring 

A natural raw resource, tree sap is where the rubber is derived. It is much less harmful to the environment because the sap from which it is made is harvested in a way that doesn't hinder the tree's growth. Additionally recyclable, this material is frequently employed for various purposes, such as playground equipment and machine parts. 

Easy Installation 

Installing rubber floor tiles is simple. They are simple to shape to the size and dimensions of the room you are placing them in and fit together like jigsaw pieces. Since you don't need to lay down an adhesive first, they save time and money. We have a seamless installation that appears to be one continuous piece. Thanks to installing flooring without joints, it is hygienic and simple to clean. 

Higher Durability 

These tiles last a lifetime. They are mostly constructed of synthetic or recycled rubber, which can be walked on for many years with minimal obvious wear and tear. And even if they are damaged, you don't need to tear up the entire floor to repair or replace them. Rubber floor tiles are simple to fix and maintain because they are composed of numerous individual matting. In addition, it will only require a little soap and water to make them appear as though they were just installed because they are also stain-resistant. 

Rubber tiles are an ideal flooring option for any renovation project. From remodelling a home bathroom or constructing a new commercial gym. Call 1300 557 973 to speak with Waterproofing Direct to learn more about our offerings. 

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