Reasons To Invest In Waterproofing For A Concrete Slab

January 03, 2023

Reasons To Invest In Waterproofing For A Concrete Slab

Waterproof concrete's main goal is to prevent moisture from damaging surface finishes or floor coverings. Using Durham Multithane HV and our extensive selection of high-quality moisture barriers or concrete waterproofing materials is an easy and efficient approach. The best waterproofing for concrete slab materials can ensure your surface is resilient, structurally sound and moisture-proof.  

Continue reading to find out the importance of purchasing the best waterproofing for a concrete slab. 


  • A base coating appropriate for substrates prone to thermal movement is provided.
  • Environmentally friendly and appropriate for use in places with poor ventilation.
  • Serves as a barrier against fracture between the substrate and additional finishing layers.
  • Without the need for priming, scrubbing, or sandblasting.
  • A maximum life expectancy of 15 years (depending on application area and usage)

Buildings can sustain severe damage from water. If the foundations are not sufficiently watertight and protected, this deterioration could result in considerable financial loss and safety concerns.  

However, it can be avoided by using waterproofing membranes. Waterproofing membranes benefit all types of buildings, including commercial, industrial, and residential ones. 

Building Necessity 

Some construction projects completely neglect the waterproofing component, while others use such subpar waterproofing that every year, numerous businesses and homes claim water damage. Water-related problems cause 80% of a building's flaws.  

There is no question that waterproofing is crucial for maintaining your property's value. High-quality waterproofing has the following advantages: 

  • Protects Against Mould: Water leaks can harm carpeting, furniture, the ceiling or walls and cause structural problems. They can also cause moisture to discolour the surfaces.
  • Safety: Waterproofing failure can cause damage that compromises a building's structural integrity and renders it hazardous to occupy.
  • Protection From Leaks and Water Damage: Water leaks can cause structural problems ruined carpeting, furniture, walls and ceiling from moisture stains.
  • Strengthens The Building's Structure: Waterproofing membranes extend the life of a structure by preventing moisture intrusion that could lead to rust, rotting, corrosion, structural flaws, or harm to the building's contents and property. 

A healthier environment is created thanks to waterproofing, which makes spaces that are well-maintained and weatherproof clean and healthy. Ture accumulation, particularly in the ceilings and walls, can encourage mould, fungus, and growth, triggering allergies and other health problems like congestion, asthma, and a strained immune system. 

When waterproofing fails, it can lead to a problem called "concrete cancer," in which the corrosion of the steel reinforcing in the slab causes the adjacent foundations to crack and separate. This may necessitate the expensive process of removing tiles and finishes to repair the concrete and membrane. 

With these benefits and advantages, you can understand the importance of using high-quality materials and the right experts for your building needs. Browse our products for the best waterproofing for concrete slabs, and order today!

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