Benefits Of Astro Turf Tiles In The Living Space

November 11, 2021

Astro turf tiles

Astro turf tiles are tiles that are covered in a synthetic alternative to natural grass. Astro turf can look incredibly close to the real thing and requires far less maintenance and hassle than natural grass. You can install astro turf tiles in a variety of areas, such as outdoor spaces, rooftops and even indoors. Let’s look at the benefits of installing astro turf to beautify your living space.


Astro turf tiles are very convenient as they are small sections of turf that can be cut to any size, accommodating areas of any shape and different design patterns. If you catch the renovation bug and want to change the layout of your space, astro turf tiles are easy to relocate. They can be installed relatively quickly and will stay in place and look legit if cared for with various products. In addition, you can use simple household tools like a broom or vacuum cleaner to keep them clean, making their maintenance particularly hassle-free. 

These tiles can look particularly stylish on patios and balconies of high rise buildings where it may be difficult to grow natural grass. Despite weather conditions, astro turf will also look aesthetically pleasing all year round, and does not need to be fertilised or mowed.


Astro turf tiles can work out to be more cost-effective over time. This is because there is no need to purchase lawnmowers, fertiliser, garden tools, pesticides, hoses and extra water to maintain a natural lawn. Installing natural grass or ceramic tiling would also add up to a larger sum of money, as astro turf is made from cheaper materials. 


If you live a busy lifestyle and are always on the go, astro turf tiles are a good option as they require little time investment to keep them looking neat. They are also pet friendly as they cannot be dug up or spoiled like regular grass can. Dogs and cats like to play on it just as much as regular grass, and it can be cleaned using a light detergent or just water.

In short, astro turf tiles are ideal if you are looking for a convenient, neat, and cost-effective way to beautify your living space. Contact Waterproofing Direct for the right products - from waterproofing to sealants - to use on your astro turf tiles. 

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