Beginners Guide To Bituminous Waterproofing Products

October 08, 2021

bituminous waterproofing

A variety of bituminous waterproofing products are available on the market for use in the building industry.  Let us first discover what bitumen is and then look at the advantages of this versatile material.

What Is Bitumen?

Bitumen is essentially a by-product of the distillation process of crude oil. During this refining operation, petrol and diesel are extracted leaving behind the dark, heavy bitumen. Bitumen also occurs naturally and can be found at the bottom of early lakes where decayed organisms were subjected to heat and pressure.  

Bitumen was discovered to have excellent waterproofing and adhesive properties. Historically, it was used to bind materials and to provide a waterproof lining to items such as baskets and the bottoms of ships.

Nowadays, it is used primarily as a road surfacing material and in the manufacture of roofing and waterproofing products.

Advantages Of Bituminous Waterproofing Products

There are multiple reasons to select bituminous waterproofing products for your next waterproofing project, including the following:

  • Ease of application with relatively low material and labour costs.
  • Ability to withstand mechanical damage, providing a durable covering that is wind, fire and hail resistant.  Its high tensile strength is unlikely to develop cracks.
  • Long term manufacturers warranties and guarantees are frequently available.
  • This flexible, pliable material is available in a variety of product forms from self-adhesive sheets, to torch-on and spray-on and paint-on variants, with hot and cold applications.  This variety makes it suitable for a multitude of projects, from showers and ponds to flat roofs and complex surfaces.
  • Joins can be heated to melt them together creating a seamless covering that won’t become compromised over its long-term lifespan.
  • Bituminous waterproofing products are known to reduce the occurrence of damp and mould thereby creating a safer and healthier environment.
  • A well waterproofed home contributes to its structural integrity and adds value to your property when the time comes to sell.

If you have decided that bituminous waterproofing products are right for your next building or maintenance project, chat to our friendly team at Waterproofing Direct today. We can offer excellent advice on the most appropriate, high-quality products for your application.

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