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IKOnic Black 4 GRB/F 10x1m Cap Sheet $117.96 
- RRP $142.99
IKO Base P3 T/F 10 m Base Sheet $84.37 - RRP $105.47
IKO Roofgarden 4 APP T/F 7.5 m Base Sheet $113 - RRP $134.65
Until 5 August 2021, we are offering the great IKO Bitumen cap and base sheets at trade prices.

IKO products
IKOnic Black Cap Sheet:
Bitumen membrane. Black granulate finish.
Torched-on or loosely laid and ballasted.
Suitable for multi-layer system.

IKO Base P3 Base Sheet:
Polymer bitumen base sheet.
Sand finished.
Torch applied on primed surface
(only to be used Non-Combustible surfaces).

IKO Roofgarden Cap Sheet:
Bitumen fire-retardant membrane.
Root resistant.
Torched-on or loosely laid and ballasted.

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*17.5% of our Recommended retail price. Offer available till 11.59pm, 5 August 2021