Upgrade your Waterproofing of Planter Boxes and Retaining Walls using Arma-Blue SS Protection Board


Arma-Blue is an Advanced Protection System based on a closed cell cross-linked foam thermally fused to a strong poly fabric and it is not harmful to the environment.

The Arma-Blue material is free of heavy metals, plasticizers, and CFCs. It is a composite of closed-cell cross-linked foam and thermally fused to a strong poly fabric, producing a tough durable sheet.

  • NOT classified as hazardous material
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Noise reduction
  • Will not expand or distort when exposed to heat/ sunlight
  • No peeling
  • Minimal distortion under traffic use
  • Non-scratch backing

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Key Benefits

  • Protects new as well as old substrates against damage
  • Will not decay or rot
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Acts as a water barrier
  • Safe for the user and environment
  • Non-allergenic mildew, bacteria, insect resistant
  • Faster installation over other protection methods-less labour
  • Lightweight, easy transport

Arma-Blue Self Adhesive applications:

  • Membrane protection
  • Under gravel ballast
  • Backfilling operations and landscaping of planter boxes and retaining walls

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