The Importance Of Waterproof Tiling & Its Products

March 30, 2021

The Importance Of Waterproof Tiling & Its Products

Tiles are one of the most aesthetically pleasing ways to add value to decks and any other type of flooring. With that said, there's also room for risks that could end up turning a once beautifully enticing floor, or deck, into a disaster. Much like with plywood or concrete, you need protection to prevent your tiling from deterioration, especially from natural elements.

Waterproofing and using waterproofing tiling products in Sydney is an essential step to take to preserve your tiled floors. If you've already installed your tiles on your home deck or flooring but didn't bother placing waterproof coating underneath, you have shot yourself in the foot. This is primarily because having a base coating safeguards floors from any potential mishaps.

When you overlook using waterproofing tiling products under tile, do not be surprised when you have to break the bank for maintenance costs.

If impatience was your reason for not applying waterproofing, it's worth noting that it doesn't take long to apply.

Tiles Are Porous Products

Tile is porous, and this means that moisture can easily seep through and create deterioration as time goes on. If you've ever noticed, a tiled rooftop deck in rainy seasons often creates a problem. This is no different with tiles installed in indoor flooring like around showers.

Without waterproofing and using quality waterproof tiling products like ARDEX WPM 002 Kit, water vapour can also cause issues. This means you need to take serious care when choosing waterproofing products and the membrane when applications are done.

For an extra layer of protection, speak to a waterproof tiling products provider about special membranes and bonding agents.

Look Out For The Sydney Climate

So you've decided that you're going to have a waterproof coating applied under tile, make sure you pay attention to the client in your locality. This will tell you how much protection is needed and whether you need an extra layer of membrane, especially for rainy parts of Sydney.

Besides the rain, you also need to pay close attention to other weather patterns. Humidity fluctuations and UV rays can also pose problems with tiling if not properly waterproofed or if the wrong waterproof tiling products are used.

Make sure that you always speak to a professional contractor about quality waterproof tiling products available in Sydney, or better yet, contact us at Waterproofing Direct.

We specialise in a variety of waterproofing products, including those for tiling. Get in touch with us. We’re your local Sydney waterproof tiling products supplier.

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