The Benefits Of Rubber Deck Tiles

March 02, 2023

The Benefits Of Rubber Deck Tiles

Rubber deck tiles provide the traction you need between you and a slippery surface, ensuring you and others avoid potentially dangerous falls when the surface is wet. 

Are you tired of always having to walk like someone just mopped the floor, walking on little fairy toes because you’re so scared of slipping and getting hurt? (Let’s not mention the embarrassment of falling feet over head in front of your family, friends, or coworkers.) Do you just avoid your deck or rooftop gathering place when the weather is bad? Well, you shouldn’t have to, and that’s exactly why you should invest in rubber deck tiles. 

In a variety of colours and styles, rubber deck tiling is the perfect solution to your troubles with slippery surfaces while continuing to maintain the look and comfort of your space. In addition, installing rubber tiles means you don’t need to waste time stripping your old deck and reapplying sealer because they can be installed right on top of the existing surface. 

Let’s discuss a few great benefits of installing rubber deck tiles for your home or commercial property, and visit WPD Group to learn more about our fantastic products and services! 

Smooth Edges And Seams

Whether you choose interlocking rubber tiles or straight-edge tiles, you’ll have a surface that is highly efficient and safe to use. Interlocking tiles are best for home gyms, weight rooms, fitness centres, and other sporting facilities. Straight-edged tiles provide a seamless appearance, making them ideal for offices, schools, and retail establishments. 

Fast Installation

Rubber deck tiles are relatively quick to install because they do not require any adhesives. So, when you need a space retiled before a function or special event, rubber deck tiles are the way to go. Whether indoors or outdoors, rubber deck tiles are the installation of choice. 

Excellent Drainage

When a surface becomes wet regularly without proper drainage, the area will become weakened, damaged, and susceptible to mould growth. However, rubber deck tiles are excellent at draining water, so you never need to worry about surface degradation. 


Rubber tiles are highly durable and can withstand the heavy demands of excessive foot traffic. Also, with various sizes and widths to choose from, you can choose the best option for your space and feel confident in the durability of your investment. 

Experience the effortlessness of rubber deck tiles in your home or commercial space, and call WPD Group today for a quote on installation! Also, visit our website to find out more about our waterproofing systems!

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