Tapered Insulation In Sydney - The Efficient Water Channelling Solution

May 13, 2022

Tapered Insulation In Sydney - The Efficient Water Channelling Solution

The purpose of tapered insulation is to eliminate the amount of standing or ponding water on a roof deck with an insufficient slope. Ultimately, a flat roof should never be truly flat. If a roof deck does not have an adequate slope for water drainage, there are many issues that could arise. 

Here at WPD Group, we recommend the installation of tapered insulation in Sydney to ensure proper water channelling and drainage, so give us a call today for professional, reliable and affordable services. 

Issues That Tapered Insulation Help To Prevent.

Have you ever stood beside a pond filled with stagnant water? You would probably have come across multiple species of algae and moss and most certainly encountered a horrid smell, too. Now, imagine this on the roof of your home or business. This is why tapered insulation is a must-have on flat roofs, to prevent creating a ‘pond’ that increases risks to both the structure and those using it. 

Other complications that come with pooling water include:

  • Additional weight on the structure may cause deflections to the roof’s structural deck.
  • Reduced lifespan of the waterproofing system.
  • Health and safety risks to building maintenance operatives such as ice formation.
  • Increased maintenance costs for the frequent refurbishment of the roof area. 

If the roof fall or the slope cannot be provided within the structure, then the installation of tapered insulation is the perfect solution. 

Advantages Of Tapered Insulations.

  1. Reduced costs and installation time - typically, insulation and falls are achieved in a single operation, dependent on deck type and fixing method, reducing site traffic on the roof and installation costs. 
  2. Flexibility - tapered insulation boards can easily be cut on-site to accommodate even the most complex roof shapes and water outlets.
  3. Reduced weight - tapered insulation is significantly lighter in weight compared to other methods, thus reducing the weight on the structure.
  4. Improved refurbishment - tapered insulation allows for greater refurbishment opportunities to improve the roof's water drainage and thermal performance. 

In A Nut Shell.

Including tapered insulation in a flat roof allows for efficient water channelling to drainage openings and reduces the risks associated with standing water. In addition, it compensates for the need for a structural fall, which helps reduce the overall cost of the roof and installation period. 

WPD Group is an Australian-owned and family-run business on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, providing specialist waterproofing services to commercial and residential properties alike. 

To contact us, simply visit our website to learn more about our products and services or request a quote. 

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