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Gripset P20 is a high performance solvent free sealer designed for a wide range of uses on exterior and interior surfaces. Based on aliphatic water based polyurethane technology, Gripset P20 exhibits versatility for numerous applications with excellent UV resistant and durable properties on a variety of building substrates, including concrete, metal, timber and plastic

  • Solvent free, water based polyurethane sealer
  • Excellent UV resistant and durable properties
  • Excellent chemical and water resistance
Features & Benefits
  • Excellent resistance to UV degradation, hydrolysis, carbonation, and oxidation.
  • Excellent chemical and water resistance.
  • Protects concrete from attack by chloride ions, acid gases and sulphates.
  • Foot trafficable and high durability
  • Provides clear non-yellowing finish coat
  • Exceptional adhesion properties to building surfaces
  • Stain resistant and low dirt retention.
  • Compatible with Gripset membranes, Gripset LS and Gripset P17
  • Solvent free, user friendly and environmentally safe


Substrates suitable for bonding Gripset P20 over include:

  • Concrete facades, columns and supporting structures.
  • Concrete paths and walkways.
  • Masonry feature walls, parapets and sea front surfaces.
  • Cementitious coatings.
  • Roof tiles.
  • Concrete and clay pavers/bricks.
  • Timber decking and exposed timber surfaces.
  • General porous and exposed surfaces


1st coat is applied at a coverage rate of 1 litre/8-10m2, while 2nd coat is applied at a coverage 1 litre/10-12m2

Dry Times

Touch dry/Recoat: 2-4 hours
Dry film: 8-12 hours
Trafficable: foot traffic 24 hours; heavy foot traffic 72 hours


Wet state: Milky White;
Dry: Clear


10 litres


Gripset P20 TDS

Gripset P20 SDS