Euromix Cream Render 20 KG

Euromix™ Cream Render is a pre-blended, cement based acrylic modified, general use render, suitable for application by both hand and machine (masonry substrates only).

Being pre-mixed, in set proportions, in the factory, means that Euromix Cream Render saves time and reduces waste on site, while also delivering consistent strengths and appearance after curing.

The use of a selected blend of various diameters, round sand grains and special chemicals that improve workability, means that Euromix Cream Render flows well on tools, reducing fatigue for the tradesman.

As the polymer content can be changed (when added to the mixing water) Euromix Render is able to be used on a wide range of substrates, both as a base render coat and a finishing render coat.

Euromix Cream Render is manufactured using a selected range of chemicals designed to enable the product to be applied via machine.


Euromix Cream Render PDS

Euromix Cream Render SDS

Euromix Cream Render Guidelines