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Duram Prestige Std | WPD Group

PRESTIGE is a premium, pigmented ( or neutral ), high performance, flexible high build acrylic incorporating special graded aggregates, fillers and sand. PRESTIGE is a trowel applied decorative coating providing a stylish coloured ‘sandstone’ appearance. PRESTIGE is generally tinted and does not require to be top coated, but surfaces must be primed prior to the application of the product. PRESTIGE in available in fine, standard and coarse grades.


PRESTIGE maybe used on suitably primed internal and external walls providing a decorative, protective coating/finish. Due to its high build most substrate imperfections can be hidden or obscured.

Suitable Surfaces

PRESTIGE is suitable to be applied to primed, sound off form concrete, cement render, fibre – cement sheeting, Harditex sheeting, other concrete products and brick surfaces. Substrate or joints may need to be prepared with MAXIJOINT and/or MAXICRETE. NB: See appropriate Product Data Sheets.


Duram Prestige Standard PDS

Duram Prestige Standard SDS