Duram Maxiprime | WPD Group

Duramax MAXIPRIME is a water – based, penetrative primer which enhances the adhesion of subsequent acrylic and other water-based coatings in our range. Which can be tinted on request. A premium may apply.


Internal and external surface primer for products in our range.


MAXIPRIME is suitable to be applied to the following substrates:

  • Off from concrete
  • Render
  • CSR Hebel, FC sheeting
  • Harditex sheeting
  • Concrete block work
  • Brick
  • Plaster board

Surface imperfections must be fixed or patched with MAXIJOINT, MAXICRETE or MAXIPATCH prior to the application of MAXIPRIME.


Duram Maxiprime PDS

Duram Maxiprime SDS