Auscon BP 008 Bond Primer | WPD Group

High performance, superior crack resistance due to low shrinkage and with exceptional bond.

BP 008 Primer is a Polyurethane based, bonding agent and adhesion promoter over PVC, fiberglass and various synthetic composite boards. It is an adhesion promoter for various substrates, and is used over PVC substrates prior to applying Auscon KC 05 Key Coat Render.

Suitable Substrate Surfaces

  • PVC sheeting
  • PVC construction materials
  • Fiberglass and gel coats
  • Various synthetic composite boards

Benefits and Advantages

  • Single pack
  • Fast drying - approximately 30 minutes
  • It does what conventional primers cannot do
  • It contains special etching compounds

The stated average coverage rate may vary depending upon the type, condition, porosity, texture of the surface and application technique. Approximately 5m² to 10m² per litre per coat.

Storage & Container Size

  • Comes in 15 Litres buckets
  • Stores in opened containers in cool, dry area away from heat and sources of ignition. Open containers may develop skinning. Keep away from water ingress as the product reacts and cures when contact with water occurs creating a build-up of pressure inside the container.


BP 008 Bond Primer PDS