AUSCON SL 50 Self Levelling Cement | WPD Group

Auscon SL 50 is a blend of Portland cement, graded aggregates, polymers and additives designed to give a self-levelling finish as a floor underlay. It is self-levelling, rapid setting and open to light foot traffic in 4 hours. superior crack resistance due to low shrinkage and exceptional bond.
Suitable for indoor and protected outdoor applications. When a finished protected second layer is applied over the top of Auscon SL 50 in outdoor areas. It is pumpable or can be mixed with shear blade mixer and placed to a thickness up to 50mm. It can also be feather edge finished.
Application Advantages & Solutions
  • Shopping malls
  • Exhibition malls
  • Concrete sub floors
  • Under natural stone & ceramic tiles
  • Under vinyl & carpet
  • Commercial building
  • Pedestrian walkways
  • Underlayment for all floor-covering


@ 1 Day

@ 7 days


Water – 20kg

20 MPa

28 MPa

0 to 50

5.0 – 5.4 litres



Bag 20kg paper bag, Pallet 48 bags per pallet, Pallet weight 990kg, (including pallet)


SL 50 Self Levelling Cement Product Brochure

SL 50 Self Levelling Cement SDS

SL 50 Self Levelling Cement PDS