AUSCON GP 50 General Purpose Non-Shrink Grout | WPD Group

Auscon GP 50 General Purpose Class A Non Shrink Grout. A new generation General Purpose Non-Shrink Grout. A one component cement blended powder which requires only the addition of water to form a high strength cementitious grout that can reach up to 75MPa. A pump-able, shrinkage compensated product suitable for civil engineering applications. It incorporates specially graded aggregates and advanced polymers to form a non shrink cementitious grout.

Application Advantages & Solutions

  • Flow-able
  • High-strength
  • Long pump life
  • Precast grouting
  • General grouting
  • Low permeability
  • Columns and slabs
  • Bridge repair
  • Building repair
  • Rail construction
  • Airport construction
  • Concrete structures
  • Rail repairs and shutdowns
  • Dam construction and repair
@ 24 hours
@ 7 Days
@ 28 Days
Water – 20kg
32 MPa
43 MPa
65 MPa
3.8 – 3.9 litres



Bag 20kg paper bag, Pallet 48 bags per pallet, Pallet weight 990kg, (including pallet)


GP 50 General Purpose Non-Shrink Grout Product Brochure

GP 50 General Purpose Non-Shrink Grout SDS

GP 50 General Purpose Non-Shrink Grout PDS