ARDEX WPM 300 Kit | WPD Group

ARDEX WPM 300 is a two component water based epoxy polyamide membrane/barrier coating.

  • Can be applied to damp surfaces
  • AS 4020:2000 Potable Water Approved
  • Hydrostatic pressure resistant waterproof membrane
  • Prevents rising damp and formation of efflorescence
  • Water based – safe to use in sensitive locations
  • Green Star – meets the benchmark for VOC credit in the Green Building Council of Australia’s Rating Tools

Low water vapour transmission coating and as a barrier/seal coating over freshly laid or damp concrete. Waterproofing barrier on the negative side in below grade surfaces such as basements, tunnels, liftwells, retaining walls and carparks. Waterproofing membrane or barrier coating over freshly laid hardened concrete, prior to the application of conventional levelling compounds carpet and tile adhesives. As a barrier seal coating over damp, green or efllorescence producing concrete prior to overcoating with conventional building paints.


  • Grey
  • Mojo Black


  • Water Stop – 60m2 (1 coat)
  • Waterproof membrane – 30m2 (2 coats)

Drying Times:

  • Recoat time: 4 hrs
  • Full cure: 7 days

Pack Size:

  • 4L
  • 20L kits

VOC content:

  • 26g/L


Ardex WPM 300 PDS

Ardex WPM 300 SDS - Part A

Ardex WPM 300 SDS - Part B

Ardex WPM 300 VOC